GDPR Checklist

Are upper management within your organisation aware of the newly introduced changes in GDPR?

Is the personal information you store, its origin and who it’s been shared with documented in your organisation?

Has your organisation carried out a gap analysis comparing their existing privacy notices against changes in GDPR.

Currently is it possible to delete all of an individual’s existing personal data in your organisation?

Is it possible for your organisation to provide a user with all of their personal data in an industry standard electronic format?

Does your organisation have the capability to reply in a timely fashion (1 month) to Subject Access Requests?

Has your organisation carried out an evaluation of its current methods for gathering consent to make sure it meets the new GDPR requirements?

Is there a procedure in place to verify a person’s age in your organisation?

Has your organisation designated a DPO (data protection officer)?

Thank you for taking our checklist survey.

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