97%* have no GDPR plan

By May 2018 companies not fully compliant with the EU GDPR risk significant fines, potential breaches and loss of reputation.

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Step 1: Awareness

Whatever your company is you will need to be compliant. your entire company needs to know the implications.

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Step 2: Assessment

Once you understand the implications you will need to know where you stand today, where are your gaps and priorities.

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Step 3: GDPR plan implementation

Implement the policies and processes that will get you GDPR ready

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No time to be lost with EU GDPR

The new regulation goes into effect in May 2018 and affects companies of all sizes, in all regions, and in all industries. Those not fully compliant when GDPR goes into effect risk significant fines, potential breaches and loss of reputation.

However, 82%* percent of global IT and business professionals responsible for data security at both SMBs and enterprises are concerned with GDPR compliance. They are neither prepared for it now, nor expect to be when it goes into effect.

At GDPRChecklist we will walk you through, simply and thoroughly, step by step what you need to get done to be GDRP Ready. On our site you will be able to find all the resources you need to be aware, be informed and the products and services you need to be ready; GDPR Ready.

GDPR Checklist will get you ready on time

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