Our Approach

As the GDPR is still in its infancy it can be vague and intimidating even for security and data governance aware companies. For the same reason, we believe in being pragmatic. We look for the best way to help you prioritize and take the next step(s) towards GDRP readiness. Whether you do that through the knowledge gained from our blog posts, our policies / services or through engagements with us we are constantly looking for a clear and tangible path to help you be compliant.

Our Story

We believe in the necessity for the GDPR as information systems and digital business underpin human life. It will help companies understand the ramification of data, its risks and above all else, it's potential. We have a long history in data security and governance and we believed that somebody had to take a stand on GDPR and remove the jargon and ambiguity and create a clear playing field for all companies to be GDPR ready.

Next Steps...

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